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"Arrived earlier than expected. Quality is excellent I use it for the massaging ability and I enjoy it and was worth the $140 I spent. Thanks again Sibling Rivalz for customer service as well. "


Landen Ankunding✅ Verified Purchase



🌟 Unleash Your Ultimate Body Transformation with ContourSculpt Pro! 💪

💃 Elevate your body sculpting journey to unparalleled heights with the cutting-edge ContourSculpt Pro. Say farewell to stubborn fat and hello to a flawlessly contoured physique. 💥

Experience a symphony of precision and power with ContourSculpt Pro's comprehensive design, tailored to sculpt every inch of your body with finesse. This revolutionary system includes multiple pads to empower you with targeted sculpting, creating a masterpiece out of your body. 🌺

"Wow spelled backwards is still wow. I tested this for 3 weeks and followed the instructions and my skin is tighter and I feel a whole lot less stressed in my lower back and core. I definitely recommend it. "


Emma Olson✅ Verified Purchase


Key Features:

🔸 Sculpting Mastery - Redefine your body's story from the comfort of your home with ContourSculpt Pro. Craft the contours you desire without resorting to invasive procedures, and unveil a beautifully toned appearance. ✨

🔸 Tranquil Revitalization - Beyond contouring, ContourSculpt Pro offers a rejuvenating massage experience, transforming your space into a personal spa. Achieve your dream body while embracing tranquility. 💆‍♀️

🔸 ErgoFlex Design - Crafted for ergonomic excellence, ContourSculpt Pro's fluid design ensures effortless movement, making your sculpting journey a seamless and enjoyable endeavor. 🤲

🔸 Skin Harmony - Immerse yourself in luxury with ContourSculpt Pro's skin-friendly pads, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free sculpting session. Embrace the art of sculpting without compromising on comfort. 🌟

Advanced Attributes:

💠 GentleTouch Pads - The plush sponge pad and soft cloth cover ensure a gentle touch, promising a safe and comfortable massage. 🧽🛁

💠 Holistic Efficacy - Elevate blood circulation, ease muscle tension, and accelerate fat metabolism. Sculpt away unwanted inches while embracing enhanced vitality. 💃💪

💠 Detachable Ease - Effortlessly remove and wash the cloth cover, elevating hygiene and convenience to a new level. 🧼🚿

💠 Ergonomic Brilliance - Designed for prolonged usage, ContourSculpt Pro's ergonomic grip ensures comfort even during extended sessions. Your sculpting odyssey, your rules. 👌

💠 Crafted to Perfection - Engineered from top-tier ABS material, ContourSculpt Pro strikes the perfect balance between durability and portability, promising enduring companionship in your sculpting journey. 💪


"I have zero complaints. The delivery was fast and I am seeing the results as described. This is one of those products where you have to follow the instructions and stay consistent and the results are 100% worth it"


Clair Rutherford✅ Verified Purchase

Technical Specifications:

📦 Device Type: Total Body Contouring System

🔋 Material: Premium ABS

Principle: Harnessing high-frequency vibration, ContourSculpt Pro's innovative massage head delivers invigorating Gua Sha massages, gently generating body warmth and effectively dissolving excess fat. Vibration intensity is fully adjustable, offering a customizable sculpting experience. ⚡️

⚙️ Speed: Infinitely Variable

🔧 Interchangeable Massage Head Covers: 3 Variants

🌍 Target Areas: Abdomen, Waist, Legs, Hands, Hips, Shoulders, and More

👥 Ideal For: Individuals pursuing a healthier, sculpted physique, those managing weight goals, and individuals combating fat accumulation, fluid retention, postpartum changes, and muscle fatigue. 💃💪


1️⃣ Power up your sculpting experience

2️⃣ Fine-tune intensity via the knob switch; clockwise for heightened intensity, counterclockwise for gentle sculpting

3️⃣ Initiate sculpting at a comfortable speed, gradually progressing

4️⃣ After sculpting, power down and disconnect

Package Contents:

📦 1 x Total Body Contouring System

🔵 1 x Azure Massage Head Cloth Cover

🟠 1 x Citrus Massage Head Cloth Cover

⚪️ 1 x Ivory Massage Head Cloth Cover

📖 1 x User Manual


1️⃣ Allow 30 minutes post-meal before sculpting

2️⃣ Optimal session duration: 30 minutes; intersperse sessions for maximal results

3️⃣ Complement with balanced nutrition or exercise for accelerated sculpting. Your path to a sculpted masterpiece. 💪🥦🏋️‍♀️

Embark on a transformative journey with ContourSculpt Pro and unveil a masterpiece - your beautifully sculpted body. Redefine beauty, wellness, and confidence. ✨


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