SparkleBlitz™ - 30 Seconds Kid Toothbrush

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🌟 Unleash Sparkling Smiles in Just 30 Seconds! 🌈

Step into a world of enchantment with the SparkleBlitz™, the 30 Seconds Kid Toothbrush designed to bring radiance to young smiles. Its ultra-soft bristles caress teeth and gums with gentleness, making brushing time a delightful and efficient experience for kids.


SparkleBlitz™ isn't just a toothbrush; it's a journey into joyful oral care. The kid-friendly design nurtures consistent brushing habits, making oral care a breeze for kids and parents alike.


Key Benefits:

⏱️ 30-Second Brilliance: SparkleBlitz™'s innovative design guarantees a thorough clean in a mere 30 seconds. This empowers kids to maintain excellent oral hygiene even during quick brushing sessions.


🪥 Ultra-Soft Comfort: With ultra-soft bristles, SparkleBlitz™ ensures a gentle touch on young teeth and gums, providing a soothing and non-irritating brushing experience.


🧒 Kid-Centric Design: SparkleBlitz™ is thoughtfully crafted with a kid-centric design, incorporating playful elements that inspire children to cultivate regular and enjoyable brushing habits.


🚀 Efficiency & Fun: SparkleBlitz™ transforms toothbrushing into an efficient and enjoyable adventure, helping kids establish good oral care habits early in life, setting the stage for a lifetime of radiant smiles.



Applicable Age Group: Children

Function: Cleaning

Product Type: U-Shaped Manual Silicone Toothbrush

Sizes: Small (2-6 Years Old) - Large (6-12 Years Old)

📏 Small Brush Head: 5cm Long, 9.8cm

📏 Large Brush Head: 5.5cm Long, 10.2cm



🔘 Brush Head: Liquid Silicone

🔘 Handle: Food Grade PP

Liquid Silicone:

🌿 Environmentally friendly platinum silicone material


🎈 Adorable shape with a standing anti-fouling design

👶 Baby U-shaped toothbrush designed specifically for the structure of children's teeth, providing optimal coverage

🎨 Available in delightful three-color options to engage the baby's interest in brushing

🥇 Made with food-grade liquid silicone for a safe, odor-free, translucent, and durable brushing experience

🐧 Cute penguin handle designed for easy grip, made from eco-friendly PP material, ensuring comfort and durability

🧼 Easy and reassuring disinfection options, capable of withstanding high-temperature sterilization methods

With SparkleBlitz™, you're not just brushing; you're creating a future of bright smiles. Watch your little ones embrace healthy oral care habits with confidence and ease, guided by the brilliance of SparkleBlitz™.





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